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Spirit Mediumship Readings


Would you like to...

Recover from grief and loss?

Know that your loved ones are alright?

Find proof of the afterlife?

Know that your loved ones are still with you?

Find closure to hear and say what couldn't be said in life?


I have a very modern no nonsense approach to Mediumship, I'm not going to sit there and ask if you know someone with a name beginning with an 'A' etc.

I work with your energy and your loved ones memories.

I do ask that you bring photos and possessions from the people you want to talk to, as this gives a quicker link, with no 'faffing about'.

Each session can last for 1 hour, sometimes longer, so please make sure you have plenty of time when you make your appointment.




Julie Moore  | mysticjulie@hotmail.com