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 Reiki & Crystal Healing 


 Do you want to get rid of stress and depression ?

Need the strength to deal with a relationship ending?

Do you want to feel emotionally stronger ?

Do you need more confidence ?

Rid Fears & Phobias?


Then you need - Reiki for Emotional & Energy Healing,(pronounced Ray-key) This is the Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. 

 Reiki is one of the more widely known forms of energy healing, and there are many different forms of Reiki,  this form of Natural Energy Healing can be beneficial to everyone - it is a very gentle yet powerful form of healing which balances your mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is ideal for stress related illnesses,  depression, post-natal depression, M.S, allergies, arthritis, M.E, etc. Reiki is also very effective for emotional stress, for instance when you are hurting due to a relationship loss or bereavement.

When you have a Reiki Healing, you will be asked to lie down on the couch,  it's a lovely calm feeling, and we just have a chat while I place my hands on your body through a special sequence of positions which cover the whole body. 

Any specific symptoms will also be treated.   Energy will channel through me into you, it seems very simple, but very effective. Crystals and/or Magnets may also be used with Reiki for extra power, resulting in an even more effective treatment.

Each Reiki Healing Session will take approx 45 minutes,  you will also receive Aura Cleansing , Chakra Re-balancing and Crystal Healing within the session, and Spiritual Guidance if needed.
























Julie Moore  | mysticjulie@hotmail.com