Power Reiki Healing

***Due to covid19 restrictions, I can only send Distant Reiki Healing.***

Reiki is a beautifully simple yet deeply profound Japanese method for self-development and healing.

Reiki means “spiritual energy” – REI, meaning spiritual and KI, meaning energy

Reiki is a spiritual practice for self-development and healing, much like the practice of meditation. Like meditation, it can be deeply transformative. It involves “hands on” healing, meditative practices and symbols which can help us to further our personal development, as well as restoring our body’s capacity to heal itself.


Reiki is non-intrusive, non-manipulative and it does not diagnose. To have a Reiki treatment, one simply remains fully clothed and lies on a massage couch, covered with a blanket. A treatment takes about 1 hour. The Reiki practitioner will work with their hands both on (just a simple gentle touch, the hand resting lightly) and/or off (raised about an inch or two above) the body.


At the very least you will experience deep relaxation like none you have ever experienced before. You will in all likelihood fall fast asleep and wake up feeling lighter, refreshed, balanced and rejuvenated. You may also experience profound insight, clarity of mind and feel emotionally uplifted.


Reiki can help one physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You do not have to be sick to receive Reiki!

Reiki can be beneficial for physical ailments, chronic and acute illnesses, First Aid and it can strengthen the immune system and relieve the side-effects of medication.

Emotional trauma such as depression, insomnia, lack of confidence and anxiety can be eased and balanced. Clients report feeling more in control, more at ease, calmer and more easily able to cope with stress.

Spiritually one can feel more connected to their reason for being, a general feeling of wellbeing, contentment and fulfilment. Mindfulness and a sense of presence is a wonderful and positive ‘side effect’ of Reiki