Mindset & Anxiety Coaching

This is a 60 minute Live Online session, we can talk about your goals, ambitions, your motivation, and rid your fears and phobias.

This will also include FREE Distant Reiki Healing.

I will teach you breathing techniques, suggest the correct meditations etc, and help your mind to feel calm and with a new clarity.

This is similar to ‘defragging’ a computer, it will put your thoughts, emotions, feelings etc into the ‘correct file’ in your mind.

If you can change the way your mind reacts to situations, you really can change your life.

This form of coaching is amazing for Stress… Panic Attacks… Grief… Miscarriage… A Relationship Break-up… Job Loss… Redundancy… Weight Loss… Eating Disorders… Sexual Identity… Transgender Issues etc.

You will feel stronger, more confident, less prone to panic and anxiety. My clients have been delighted with this service.

And, and occasionally we just need a chat…..…I’m here for you.